The Cullman Ballet Society is a non-profit 501( c ) (3) tax exempt institution organized in 1995. Its mission is to encourage a greater appreciation for ballet and to offer opportunities for the expression of the art in our community. We support the Cullman Ballet Company through memberships, donations, and special fund raising activities. A portion of the money raised goes into our scholarship fund. This allows dedicated dancers, who audition for scholarships, an opportunity to broaden their study of ballet locally and beyond, including study abroad. This talent is then shared with the community through recitals, galas, lecture demonstrations in the schools, and special appearances such as Panoply and the Alabama Dance Festival.

We encourage membership not only from individuals who have a child in dance, but from the entire community who may want to become involved in supporting the Arts in Cullman. We extend a cordial invitation for you to join the Society and help us in fulfilling our mission.